Protection of Personal Information

Saiga Co., Ltd(“the company” or “we”) treat personal information of every customer very carefully, here are our privacy policies.

Collection of Personal Information

In the situation we receive requirement of publication, other information, material or any kind of inquiry, sometimes we will collect the information to find specific person by legitimate and impartial way. About the information we collect, there are names, addresses, phone numbers, names of companies or corporations, e-mail addresses, facsimile numbers etc. Also, we keep access log from customers on our server.

Purpose of Collect Personal Information

We use personal information which collected from customers on the purposes described below.
・Contact customer by phone or e-mail to reply the inquiry.
・Send material or package to customer due to requirement of customer.
・About access log kept on our server, we only use it to improve the convenience of our website. We will not specify any person by access log.

Disclosure of Personal Information

In the cases described below, we will disclose the personal information of customer even without approval.
・We receive summons, warrants, orders issued by police or court to ask us to provide it.
・In the situation that personal information is necessary to protect humans’ life or assets, and we have difficulty in getting approval from customer.

Management of Personal Information

We manage personal information of customer appropriately, and we are doing our best to prevent leakage, lost, damage of it.

Supervise our employee

About importance of protecting personal information, we educate our employee timely or regularly.
Also, we appoint a manager to manage personal information. We are not only managing it appropriately, but also working hard to prevent information leakage. Furthermore, about information security like illegal access or falsification from external, we have appropriate and legitimate security measures against it.
We are doing seriously to prevent illegal usage. Only those employees who have access permission are able to access the database of personal information.


About utilization of personal information by other websites which we provide their links, the websites do not comply with our privacy policy, they comply with theirs.

Revision of Privacy Policy

In order to manage personal information properly and improve our service that provide to customers, we will ameliorate above-mentioned terms suitably.

This policy was made on 1, July, 2020.