• Local subsidiary name: U-MAC VIETNAM CO., LTD.Address: 17th Floor, Icon 4, Building, 243A De La Thanh, Dong Da Hanoi VN
    Number of employees: about 130 people
  • Owns about 250 units of various high elevation work vehicles and develops a rental project centred on these construction machines as well as a business of selling construction machines as a JLG agent domestically in Vietnam.
  • Along with renting 22 300t to 150tCC units in a Nghi Son oil refinery plant project, they also inspect the construction machines that operate on‐site (cranes, high elevation work vehicles, excavators, and others), and they also in charge of training the workers who use the cranes.
  • Currently planning on increasing in the future the number of large‐scale plants it hosts, the number of cranes that focus on infrastructure maintenance projects, and its amount of high elevation work vehicles.


  • Local subsidiary name: MAYON MACHINERY RENTRADE.INC. Address: 3rd Floor P & J Building, Lot 32, Blk, 69 M. Roxas Street Corner Bayani Road AFPOVAI Phase 4, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
    Telephone No. +63(2) 776 0254
  • Currently renting 300t, 250t, 150t CC with its local transport business partner to power plant projects in Mindanao.
  • Aiming in the future to rent high elevation work vehicles and to increase its number of crane units on top of hosting large‐scale projects.


  • Local subsidiary name: TAIWAN SAIGA CO., LTD.
     Address: No.118, Sec. 2, Zhongzheng E. Rd., Dayuan Township, Taoyuan City
  • Develops a construction machine rental business centred on crane rentals in Taiwan domestically.
  • Currently renting out 1000t grade CC to 100t grade CC in conjunction with on‐site partners to power plant and construction projects.
  • Is equipped with construction machinery that it owns and is currently proposing to host large‐scale projects in the future.


  • Local subsidiary name: YUK NAN PRECAST CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO., LTD.
     Address: Rm 1809, Tower A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping St., Shan, NT
  • Developing a crane rental business within the special administrative region of Hong Kong.
  • Currently renting 500tTC, 280tCC, and 55tCC to MTR construction projects done by general contractors of Japanese decent. Also proposing to rent to habor/bridge construction projects, etc. and planning to increase the number of units.
  • Local subsidiary name: ALPHA TRADING (HK) LTD
     Address: Rm 1809, Tower A, New Trade Plaza, 6 On Ping St., Shan, NT
  • Developing a business for renting and selling construction machinery that targets’ locations outside of the special administrative region of Hong Kong.


  • Local subsidiary name: KAIZA MACHINERY RENTAL LLP
     Address: 43 Kunaeva str., Office 314, Medeuskiy area, Almaty Astana Yard: 86/1 Promzona, Almaty area, Astana Almaty Yard: 1‐Sultana Beibarsa str., illi area, Baiserke village, Almaty region
  • Owns a yard and maintenance factory in two locations‐ Astana and Almaty‐ and develops a business centered on renting and selling construction machines domestically in Kazakhstan.
  • Currently renting and selling excavators and telehandlers, etc.


  • Local subsidiary name: SAIGA MACHINERY RENTAL & TRADING INC.
  • Supplies heavy machinery for construction within the United States and develops a rental business aimed at locations outside of the United States.