In 2006, Company name changed to Saiga Co.Ltd and with its three-pronged management philosophy of “Social Contribution”, “Symbiotic Prosperity” and “Mutual Goals”, Saiga became a company committed to gaining the trust of its customers, community and its employees and their families, whilst maintaining its motto of “Security and Sincerity”.

Since our inception we have aimed to meet the needs of our customers with Japans leading fleet of over 100 cranes, headed by our 1350 ton crawlers, whilst our employees, using their technological skills and exercising excellent conduct in business, make lasting contributions to the community as a whole. Overseas, we have established an affiliated company in Dubai in the Middle East. Even in these times of great global economic change we are discovering ways of making our presence felt.

In these ways we continue to contribute to the local community, Japan and the world.

Thank you for your interest in Saiga and we hope to work with you in the future.

January, 2020
Saiga Co., Ltd
Kisaburo Saiga, Representative Director

Saiga was founded in 1967. With our motto of “Safety and Sincerity” we have since worked to contribute to the development of society through crane leasing and construction works.


Social Contribution

Management is to create the value that helpful to society continuously,by sharpen and integrate the power of company(human,technique,creation,organization)through administrate the business.

Symbiotic Prosperity

Management is to thank people who support the company and get alone with them with sincere heart.Build the trust between ourselves generally,and reach Symbiotic Prosperity.

Mutual Goals

Management is to improve awareness and knowledge of all employees,keep our minds together and make mutual goals. In order to achieve the goal,solve problems aggressively with awareness of problem.


Company Overview

Name of CompanySaiga Co., Ltd
Address2-5 Takasago, Takaishi-City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Capital48 million Yen
RepresentativeRepresentative Director Kisaburo Saiga
Number of Employees160
Events of BusinessCrane leasing, Heavy material transportation and installation, Plant construction and repair periodically, Private vehicle inspection and maintenance business
Construction LicenseCertification of license from Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Toku-30) No.18150
(Civil engineering, scaffolding work/Earthwork, Steel structure construction)
Certification of license from Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Han-30) No.18150
(Piping work, Equipment installation, Reinforcing bar construction)
Industrial waste collection and transportation businessCertification of license of Osaka Prefecture No. 02700064690
Certification of license of Hyogo Prefecture No. 02803064690
Others (Kyoto, Wakayama, Nara, Shiga etc.)
Automobile Disassembly and Maintenance Business(Ordinary/Small) Tairikuseinindai No.8728
Private Vehicle Inspection Area(Designated Automobile Maintenance Business) Kinnshidai No. 1578A
First Class Consigned Freight Forwarding BusinessFreight Transportation Management Corporation Number 56888
(Truck/Coastal Shipping)
BankResona Bank, Limited., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation