Saiga owns rough-terrain cranes 10t-70t,truck cranes 160t-500t,all-terrain cranes 120t-500t,crawler cranes 65t-1350t to deals with any kind of lifting work from civil construction to plant construction.
In modern construction site,because of increase of work scale and improvement of working method,massive cranes become mainstreams. Saiga is the first company which introduced largest 1350t crawler crane ever in Japan.And we work hard to satisfy requirements of customers.
In the case of customers required, we can go to your construction site, evaluate the scale and suggest the crane which fit with your work mostly. And we can also make a plan of carrying in and carrying out the crane.
We aim to improve our technique continually, and provide customer with feeling of safety.
Including the largest 1350t crawler crane ever in Japan and numerous type of equipment, we also use software to support our job. For instance, use crane stimulation system to make construction plan or picture.
“Safety and honesty” as motto of Saiga, our operating system has been praised by public entities, such as countless government offices, municipalities, public corporations or companies engaging in bridge, plant and general construction.


Although Saiga has been contributed to numerous construction project with our large cranes, we want to be a company which loved by society
Our company has been contributed to numerous construction projects with our large cranes, and we make full use of such abundant experience to contribute further to society. We have been established an order-receiving structure that is integrated from design to construction and civil engineering, with the aim of being a company admired by all.


We provide total support from transportation of heavy materials including construction materials such as steel or PC, bridge materials and heavy machinery to the assembly and installation of such objects. We make full use of our numerous trailers or trucks to handle any heavy object. Along with precise operation, we also support continually advancing construction and civil engineering technology.
In addition, we are always pursuing the ultimate in safety in transportation both over a wide are of factories as well as movements within sites.
Plus, we were early adopters of an electronic application system. This allows us to quickly obtain necessary permits for transportation of special vehicles which enable safe, reliable transportation.


Along with piping for chemical plants, Saiga applies its technology to all kinds of plant construction. From designing and construction to maintenance, Saiga has been praised for its technological brilliance from its construction of bridges to general contracts and public works for local and federal governments.


We are engaging construction project around the world by make full use of our technique and safety structure which nurtured in Japan.
Furthermore, we have local subsidiaries or partner companies in Asia and Middle East etc., expanding our business to many countries.


This department is in charge of maintenance of small vehicles, large trucks, large special automobiles etc. and private automobiles inspection.
We also provide maintenance and examination services of mobile cranes.